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Our team bring extensive experience in design, delivery, and scaling of custom software to our global network. Our team are committed to delivering valuable software and thrive in dynamic client environments.

Bethan Timmins

Managing Director

Bethan is the head of Equal Experts Asia Pacific. Throughout her career, Bethan’s portfolio includes Technical Analysis, Product Management, Delivery Management, and Coaching roles. Specialising in the setup of governance, structures and practices within an agile team, Bethan focuses on creating agile practices and a lean organisational delivery pipeline. Bethan drives transformation by “doing” and “delivering”. Bethan achieves this by developing a deep understanding of product being built.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • 20 years of industry experience in Telco, Government, Utilities, Finance and Non-Profit sectors.
  • Finalist in the Women in IT Awards UK 2018 in Transformation leader of the year.
  • Finalist in the Women in IT Excellence Awards 2017 in Transformation.

Tony Nguyen

Delivery and Transformation Principal

Tony’s passion for growing phenomenal leaders, teams, and businesses has allowed him to have an incredibly fulfilling career journey. In 2007, Tony relocated to the US where he spent 6 years running Program Management and Engineering divisions across multiple geographic locations.  Tony returned to Australia in 2013 to raise a family and has been primarily focused on transformations at some of Australia’s largest companies.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • Supported the exponential growth of a software start-up Altiris.
  • Experience leading divisions across multiple geographic locations.
  • Focuses on Transformations at Optus, Westpac, and the Commonwealth Bank group.

Andy Canning

Technology Principal

Andy has extensive experience in event driven architectures, multi-cloud, security, media processing and delivery, and mobile app. With a wealth of knowledge on distributed systems, database and directory technologies and multiple programming languages within both product and service companies. Andy specialises in delivering customer centric solutions that meet business needs through leading edge technologies using agile methodologies.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • Over 25 years of experience in IT and engineering.
  • Experience in international leadership roles within multi-national companies.
  • Extensive experience designing and architecting systems and platforms.

Paul Timmins

Principal Consultant

An experienced delivery manager, Paul has a wealth of experience working on various large scale agile programs in Finance, Media, and Government. Paul is passionate about working with technical teams to put Devops into practice. This includes helping these teams establish CI/CD pipelines and automation to be able to deliver in a safe and efficient manner. Paul teams with stakeholders across the organisation to understand the value to be created, the team and skills required to achieve the outcome and help establish these mechanisms to deliver that value.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • 15 years of experience in technology.
  • Extensive experience with agile delivery.
  • Led several teams at Xinja to build their event driven platform, mobile apps, and their saving and leading products.

Matthew Waugh

Director of Sales and Business Development

Matthew has developed extensive experience and insight into effective communication skills and utilising data for optimum efficiency. This includes undertaking a global brand overhaul and championing a multinational enterprise resource implementation project in Asia. With a passion about the ability for data and technology to pave the way to new processes, Matthew specialises in identifying where synergies exist, and uncovering how to create value for partners using technology.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • Extensive experience in business development.
  • Experience working in the fast, upscale environment of sports licensing
  • Created his own product, generating beneficial insights for its users and revenue streams.

Mark Tranter

Principal Consultant

Mark has extensive experience building software in a range of fields including insurance, banking, payments, e-commerce, media, and fintech. Mark is passionate about delivering value to customers and helping maximise ROI at pace. Mark is a full-stack engineer with a focus on functional programming and serverless, event driven architectures. Mark has also contributed to real-time fraud prevention data pipelines for London based payments company Judopay.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • 15 years of experience building software across a range of sectors.
  • Operated on underwriting systems for Lloyds of London underwriters and financial systems for Europe Arab Bank.
  • Tech-lead at Xinja on their cutting-edge mobile banking platform.

Emma Waddelow

Operations Manager

Emma joined Equal Experts Australia to implement the Australian finance function, managing business operations, and is a fundamental part of the day-to-day running of the organisation. Emma is a process driven individual passionate about solving problems, bringing people together, and injecting some of her positive nature into everything she does.

Career Highlights and Specialisation

  • Over 15 years of industry experience in finance, PA and administrative roles.
  • Strong background in system implementation and process creation.
  • Wealth of insight of property, charity, shipping, and market research fields.

Global network

Our expert network is based across five continents, including the United Kingdom, India, North America, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. Here’s a selection of the people leading our work around the world.

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