The benefits of You Build It You Run It

Accelerate your time to market, reduce the cost of failure, and strengthen your teams’ culture.

For organisations looking to sustain innovation and rapidly meet—or exceed—the expectations of modern customers, traditional IT operating models may not be enough. If you can’t deploy frequently enough to deliver value or improve market share; if you can’t realise opportunity costs because failures take too long to resolve; and if you’re struggling to establish a high-performance culture in your business, ‘You Build It You Run It’ may be the answer to your problems.

Why choose You Build It You Run It?

You Build It You Run It is an operating model for modern engineering and technology operations. It offers many benefits in contrast to a traditional operating model (also referred to as ‘Ops Run It’) because:

  • It accelerates time to market, enabling teams to sustain innovation by launching new features to customers weekly—even daily—rather than monthly or longer.

  • It reduces the cost of failure and provides greater service availability, typically 99.9% or higher.

  • It creates high performance culture, promoting an environment of continuous learning where teams constantly generate insights and implement improvements.

Who should adopt You Build It You Run It?

In the right circumstances, You Build It You Run It can be enormously beneficial. We’ve supported clients to improve their deployment throughput from 10 releases per year to 4,000. But while it can be incredibly powerful, it’s not universally applicable.

Two of the initial high-level criteria we use to determine suitability of You Build It You Run It are:

  • Financial exposure on failure. How much money does the organisation stand to lose if a service becomes unavailable? This is typically expressed as an availability target, like 99.9%.
  • Product feature demand. How often do users or customers want new features from the service? You can express this as a deployment frequency, like weekly or daily deployments.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider before making any operational decisions. To learn more about these factors, and whether your business would benefit from significantly increased throughput and reduced cost of failure, we’d love to arrange a conversation.

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Meet Bethan

Principal Consultant, Managing Director AUS/NZ, and You Build It You Run It expert.

With over 20 years’ experience in software delivery across multiple sectors, she’s all about fostering low-ego, high-value, genuine partnerships.

Drawing on significant expertise, Bethan has played key roles in multiple enterprise level digital transformation projects around the world.

She also co-authored our detailed You Build It You Run It playbook. Bethan helps teams achieve the highest level of performance possible, and supports businesses to sustain innovation, enhance profitability, and become truly world class.

Leverage our expertise

Meet Steve

Principal Consultant, and Practice Lead at Equal Experts.

Steve has played key roles in multiple digital transformation programmes and advises clients worldwide on Continuous Delivery, operating models, and reliability.

He was a leader on a 60 team/600 microservices programme for a UK government department with $500Bpa revenue. He also implemented a Continuous Delivery and operability strategy for 30 teams/100 microservices in a high street retailer with $2Bpa online revenue. He’s also written multiple books, such as Measuring Continuous Delivery, and our playbook on implementing You Build It You Run It.

Steve Smith

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